Video 101

Day after day, local news channels across America run “caught on tape” segments depicting various crimes, followed by the showing of the surveillance video and a plea to the public for their help.  But as you know, most of these clips are usually either fuzzy, blurry, grainy, dark, or just don’t have the resolution necessary to actually make out any details that can really help.  

There are several factors that can be attributed to the poor quality security video usually shown on the local news.  The primary culprits are cheap cameras, poor recording equipment, and improper installations.  Have any one of these three, and you have a recipe for terrible security video footage.  

Here are some of the most common causes of inferior video quality…

As you might imagine, there are many more reasons than these that contribute directly to low-quality video systems.  The basic thing to remember is this… you generally get what you pay for.  If you choose to hire a company that proposes a “bundle” or “kit” type CCTV system because their quote is the cheapest, you probably won’t be happy in the long run with the video quality or the dependability of the system.  The same goes for purchasing one of those “do-it-yourself” camera systems offered on various internet sites, catalogs, and in the wholesale stores.   While the prices might look attractive, don’t expect their quality to be anywhere close to a professionally installed, commercial grade CCTV system outfitted with name-brand components.

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