TunnelMax-HD NexGen Cloud™

TunnelMax-HD NexGen Cloud™

TunnelMax-HD NexGen Cloud™ is Acquire Video’s Subscription Based, Serverless surveillance system tailored for the Car Wash Industry. Powered by our partners at IpTechView™, TunnelMax-HD NexGen Cloud™ allows car wash operators to use a robust browser based interface to view live video, retrieve recorded video, seamlessly process damage claims, and share events immediately via text or email. Cameras can be programmed to detect people, objects, line crossing, create heat maps, plus much more. Analytical data is then accessible to end users by way of the dashboard. Administrators can also configure and set real-time notifications within the user interface. Remote viewing is a breeze and does not require Port Forwarding. Our concept of “Just Cameras and Cloud” with no NVR or Bridge Device eliminates the risk of a single point of failure of a local server and means lower initial costs and increased reliability. Systems are scaleable and ideal for self-serve, in-bay automatic, flex-serve, full-serve, and express exterior washes.

"Powered by IPTechView™"

Primary Features of NexGen Cloud™

  • No NVR, Server or Bridge Devices Necessary with “Plug and See” technology. Cameras connect to LAN and easily accessed via Browser.
  • Instantly Locate and Share Recorded Video Clips/Events From Anywhere Via Text/SMS or Email Link
  • Store Recorded Video Security Offsite in Cloud with Retention Period of Choice
  • Port Forwarding Not Necessary for On or Off-Site Remote Viewing
  • Custom System Integration by Acquire Video Security Team, Not Third Party Contractors
  • Streamlined Damage Claim Processing Functionality that Seamlessly Integrates Claim Reports with Video and Image Captures
  • Significantly Lower Upfront Costs. Single and Multi-Year Subscription Options Available
  • Backward Compatible with Many Existing IP Camera Systems
  • Continuously Growing Support for New Device and Cloud-Based Analytics Options
  • Audible Alerts, Two-Way Audio, People Detection, Line Crossing, Heat-Mapping, Directional Data
  • Spill Detection, Vehicle Make/Models Search, Real-Time Climate Monitoring, Blacklisting, and Much More Available via Our Specialty Cameras and Add-on Apps
  • Administrators can Manage Users, Passwords, Permissions, Configure and Set Notifications, and Monitor System Health For All Wash Locations Via the Online Map.

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