Analytics and AI by OmniX™

True AI and Analytics Tools

Better together, our partnership with Everwash and omniX™ offers true AI and Analytics for both our TunnelMax-HD Legacy™ clients as well as those using our new serverless TunnelMax-HD Nexgen Cloud™ system. By combining Acquire Video’s systems with omniX’s patented AI solution, carwash operators can multipurpose their cameras to also collect real-time and actionable sales and operational insights. The system essentially maps the customer journey from the moment they enter a lot to the time they leave which includes loader efficiency, fraud detection insights, and much more. Sales managers can take advantage of the collected data using omniX’s patented Sales Navigator, where it’s AI learns the behavior of customers and provides real-time alerting to help staff deliver a more personalized sales pitch. Other factors such as weather, traffic patterns, and road construction are also weighted in the algorithm to assist in predicting upcoming wash volume at each location. 

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