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What is Max-HD™?

Acquire Video’s Hi-Definition CCTV product, called Max-HD™, is revolutionizing the world of video surveillance with it’s crystal clear High-Def images, fast internet remote connection capabilities, and future upgrade ability.  Max-HD™ is the future of video surveillance, allowing users of the product the ability to record and play-back security video in 1080P High-Definition quality…with no image quality loss between live and playback!  Integrated exclusively by Acquire Video Security, users of Max-HD™now have the security video quality they’ve wanted and needed from the very beginning.


Max-HD™  can be configured to have 4, 8, 12, 16, 24, or 32 camera inputs, depending on the size of the project , budget, and number of cameras proposed.  All Max-HD™ cameras can be channeled into a single, upgradeable Network Video Recorder (NVR).    Max-HD™ is perfect for businesses  who already have existing traditional cameras in place and would like to have much better picture quality than they are currently getting from their analog camera/DVR system.   


Max-HD™ cameras have nearly FOUR TIMES the resolution of the best, “hi-resolution” traditional security cameras being sold on the market today.  Depending on the application and number of overall cameras,  the Max-HD™ NVR can record and store anywhere from 20 to 60 days worth of video archives.   


Why Max-HD™?

One HD video camera can effectively replace several standard video cameras due to the superior picture HD cameras can capture, as well as much wider viewing angles.  HD cameras are always better for exterior shots of parking lots, cash register areas, teller stations, down aisles in retail stores, etc.  These are typical places where even the highest resolution analog camera just doesn’t adequately cover or get the detail most clients really need without having to plaster these cameras all over the place.  

In fact, HD cameras can even “see” and record license plates from distances up to 200′ or even greater, depending on the particular HD camera, lens, and lighting conditions.  Users of Max-HD can draw a box and “zoom” in to get a closer look at something within an image. Several traditional DVR systems have this feature, but the zoomed area literally “falls apart” and becomes too pixilated due to the low resolution of the camera.  And Max-HD allows the choice for images to be viewed in 16:9 Widescreen format.

The Max-HD recorder can be accessed and viewed over the Internet, where clients can watch LIVE and archived video from a remote location using a broadband connection…and in HD!  Live images as well as archives can also be accessed via our PDA software, which is compatible with I-Phone, Droid, Windows Mobile, Palm, and Blackberries.  With an integrated audio kit, clients can even listen to LIVE streaming audio while simultaneously viewing their cameras in HD!   

Who Can Benefit From Max-HD™?

Banks, Credit Unions, Car Washes, Convenience Stores, Supermarkets, General Retail, Restaurants, Lodging, Casinos, Car Dealers, Hospitals, Parking Garages, and Shopping Centers are just a few of the prime candidates who can greatly benefit from this cutting edge HD Camera Technology, providing images with up to 10 times the resolution of the best traditional security camera!  

For example, a bank can effectively use one HD camera to cover 2-3 teller windows, yet have the resolution to zoom in and read currency, capture much more detailed characteristics of persons at the teller windows, etc. 

Automated Car Washes can use our HD technology to capture detailed images of vehicles before and after they enter the wash.  This results in the ability to confidently refute false damage claims made by customers who insist the wash equipment damaged their vehicle.  This feature alone has saved our car wash clients thousands of dollars a year using our TunnelMAX-HD product!

Operators of supermarkets or other sizable retail businesses can use Max-HD to virtually see all aspects of their business operation without having to squint at dozens of grainy and unclear images of their stores.  The superior video quality Max-HD™ delivers drastically improves the ability to successfully prosecute shoplifters as well as those who commit employee theft…reducing shrinkage while providing unparalleled views of the operation.  Using the PC client interface and a broadband internet connection, a store owner with multiple locations can literally watch up to 64 different HD camera views simultaneously from various locations on one PC screen! 

Is there really any reason to invest thousands of dollars in outdated analog camera technology and DVRs when you can now have cutting edge, crystal clear High-Definition video surveillance for your business?

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