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Most owners and operators of Express Exterior, Automatic, and Self/Full Service Car Washes have come to rely on video cameras for security and management purposes.  Daily, there are instances that arise that require operators or managers to use their video surveillance systems.  Unfortunately,  all cameras systems aren't created equal and as a result, there are incidents that occur where either the system isn't in working order or the video quality that is captured really isn't good enough to be any use to them. 

One of the most common and obvious uses for cameras at car washes is to try and verify damage claims made by their clientele.  Although many successful car wash owners have been installing camera systems in their tunnels to capture pre-existing damage on vehicles for many years now, customers still attempt to blame the car wash, primarily machinery or employees, for breaking mirrors, antennas, trim, bumpers, or scratching their vehicles.  It's a problem that can seriously affect a wash's profitability, costing operators hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month.    

However,  unless the damage is fairly obvious, low-end camera systems that many car washes have installed either are not reliable after just a few short months, or simply do not provide the detail needed to disprove many of the claims in spite of the "specs" these systems claim to have.  So in these cases, the customer goes and gets estimates, and the car wash operator gets stuck with the bill.  And this goes on month after month, year after year.




TunnelMax-HD Legacy..."The Proven Solution"

TunnelMax-HD Legacy™ is an Enterprise Class, IP based,  Ultra High-Definition Camera System designed and built specifically to serve the car wash industry.  TunnelMax-HD™ is the proven, industry leading CCTV solution for car washes, and its continued success has made Acquire Video Security the largest on-site factory integrator of car wash camera systems in the United States.     Initially released at the ICA Expo in Orlando back in 2008, Tunnelmax-HD™ was the first IP Based High-Definition Camera System ever marketed specifically for car washes.   

Sonny's began distributing TunnelMax-HD™ in 2009 due to rave reviews from car wash operators who had the system installed at their sites.  It has now been integrated at hundreds of flex/full/express car washes across 34 states from coast-to-coast.   TunnelMax-HD™ is known for its high-end components, custom built NVRs,  reliability, superior picture quality (both live and playback), longer archive times, unique features (LPR, GPS), ultra-fast remote viewing software, superior VMS (Video Management Software), and unparalleled service.   It's a total workhorse that lasts many years and has a track record of quality and reliability that is unmatched in the area of HD car wash surveillance systems.  

Acquire Video partners directly with clients by providing consultation, detailed customized system design, site infrastructure specifications, on or off-site integration, instruction and training for staff, and direct customer service.  TunnelMax-HD™ Servers (NVR) are rack mountable and custom built with military grade components, high-end processors, solid state operating drives, on-board solid state clone drives, and multiple surveillance drives.  They can also be tracked at all times from your phone via our on-board GPS feature.  The camera network also runs independently from the NVR itself, and is remote managed.  And unlike other systems, TunnelMax-HD™ easily handles high camera counts (Up to 64 Hyper-HD Cameras) and record them at their full resolutions and frame rates...all within a single NVR (Network Video Recorder).  







TunnelMax-HD™ pays for itself by being better able to refute pre-existing damage claims on the spot by capturing and recording 'Hyper-HD™" images of each vehicle BEFORE it enters the wash.  This creates a vehicle "blueprint" that can be then reviewed to show customers damage already on their vehicles prior to entering the tunnel. The system then continues to record vehicles from multiple angles throughout the wash process all the way to the exit .  

TunnelMax-HD's exclusive "Hyper-HD™" cameras for damage inspection capture and record images in resolutions four times higher than standard 1080P High-Definition.   And unlike most other cameras, Acquire Video's cameras all have an "IP67" rating.  That means they are designed, built, and tested to withstand extreme conditions within the harsh car wash environment.  

High-end features built into our cameras, such as custom Back Light Compensation and true Wide Dynamic Range, allow us to program and customized each of our cameras and their views to better handle varying lighting conditions throughout the day.  This provides far better recorded image quality on vehicles with varying colors no matter the time of day they visit the wash.

Typical Tunnelmax-HD™ configurations call for cameras to be mounted strategically to the wash building itself while employing the use of motorized HD varifocal lenses to optically "zoom in" to areas and vehicles.  This allows the system to capture crystal clear images from superior vantage points further away.  This also helps minimize the caustic effect of foam, soap, spray, sand and water on the cameras themselves.  







Not only is TunnelMax-HD™ the best system available on the market for capturing pre-existing damage on vehicles,  it is also unmatched in providing overall security and video surveillance for the entire car wash facility.  Because TunnelMax-HD Legacy™ is a fully customized Enterprise Class system, it can accommodate unusually high camera counts to allow clients to properly view and record the entire car wash facility...all within a single NVR.  

Multiple car wash locations can all be connected to simultaneously and monitored remotely in real time...and all from one monitor or even multiple monitors using our powerful CMS4 remote viewing software and a multi-HDMI out video card on your PC.

Areas typically covered with individual Hyper-HD™ cameras at client sites include pay station lanes, vehicle queues, vacuum stations, tunnel approach, tunnel interior, tunnel exit, lobbies, office(s), kiosks, control rooms, electrical rooms, equipment rooms, break rooms, storage areas, vending enclaves, trash enclosures, detail bays, detail conveyors, wipe down areas, bail out lanes, site entry/exit points, ice machines, dog washes, rear perimeter, etc.   

And because TunnelMax-HD's Hyper-HD™ technology allows the NVR to record EXACTLY what the camera views live, picture quality remains much firmer when using the digital zoom tool to zero in on areas of interest on recorded video during playback.








By simply choosing a date from the system's recorded archive, TunnelMax-HD Legacy's easy-to-use client interface loads all recorded video for that day and displays a large timeline graph at the bottom of the screen.  From here, users can simply select a camera, roll their mouse along the timeline, and the system displays a preview panel that shows still shots of that particular moment in time on the chosen camera.  When an object or event being searched is seen in the preview panel, the operator simply left clicks on the mouse...and the clip is queued to that exact spot to begin playing from that point forward.  

Recorded video segments of importance can then be saved easily and seamlessly to the solid-state operating drive, a USB Thumbdrive, or burned to a DVD-R via the on-board DVD recorder.  All video clips are converted to an .AVI file that can be played on any computer in Windows Media Player, VLC Player, etc.  This makes it extremely easy to pass along clips and snapshots to customers, law enforcement, and insurance companies for easy review. 

Using an external drive enclosure, entire days of archived video can be downloaded and reviewed at a later date from any other computer that has been loaded with the client software.







With TunnelMax-HD Legacy's  new License Plate Recognition (LPR)  Add-On Module, users of the TunnelMax-HD Legacy™ system can search for incidents not only by date/time, but by simply selecting a date and entering the license plate of the vehicle being researched.  TunnelMax-HD Legacy's VMS (Video Management Software) then immediately queues the video to that vehicle for immediate playback and displays a screenshot of the license plate.   This feature saves managers and operators several hours a week researching incidents.

TunnelMax-HD Legacy's LPR also allows users to search for a vehicle within a date range to determine how many times a single vehicle went through the wash.  If a vehicle came through multiple times within the selected date/time range, screenshots of the plate and the number of times that vehicle went through the wash are displayed along with each date it came through.  

While most tunnel control systems can tell you how many times a monthly pass member came through the tunnel within any given time frame, TunnelMax-HD's LPR feature can tell you how many times ALL vehicles came through the wash!  This can assist operators in identifying potential monthly pass candidates.  It is also useful information to have during customer disputes, as many of them will say "I'm a good customer and come in here all the time!"  This feature can tell you exactly how "good" of a customer they actually are.

All license plate data is stored on the operating drive and can also be exported to searchable .pdf or .csv files for view in Excel or other spreadsheet programs for later use.  It also stores "screenshots" of every license plate in .jpg format.    







TunnelMax-HD™ clients can further view their operations on the go by using our CMS Smart Phone/Tablet remote software, allowing them view their camera systems right from their WiFi Enabled or 4G Smartphones/Tablets.  Here, one can watch live camera views in real time as well as play back archived video.  

TunnelMax-HD Legacy™ also streams live video feeds much faster than any system on the market using our proprietary compression technology that refreshes only the motion that is occurring within each camera’s view while the video is being streamed online.  This allows our clients to view all of the cameras remotely in their full resolutions and frame rates using our CMS4 Remote Viewing Software for PC and Mac at a substantially faster speed…even with less than optimal upload speeds at the site.  This is a huge advantage for TunnelMax-HD™ because most other systems send the entire bandwidth or have to upload a severely degraded “substream” just so the cameras can be viewed remotely.   










Here's another unique feature of TunnelMax-HD Legacy™ that provides peace of mind.  In the unlikely but always possible event of a break-in to the wash and subsequent theft of the NVR,  Acquire Video now offers TunnelMax-HD Legacy™ clients GPS tracking inside each custom built server for under $10 / mo.  The tracker is battery powered and charged directly by the NVR.  Using WiFi and Wireless GSM Technology, the GPS device provides highly accurate "current location" as well as up to a one year history.  

Using the powerful GPS technology, TunneMax-HD's internal tracking can read a global position with up to 50 feet accuracy.  Smart Alerts can be enabled that send texts, emails and app notifications for location change, sudden movement, or even impact.  In the event the NVR is taken from the premises, operators can easily track the unit and easily have law enforcement find the person or persons responsible for the burglary/theft.  








*First and Foremost, TunnelMax-HD Legacy™ was the Very First HD Camera System on the Market Designed Specifically for Car Washes.  First Released in 2008, It is Still By Far the Most Advanced HD Camera System Available On the Market Today for Car Wash Operators.    

*The TunnelMax-HD Legacy™ has on-board “clone drives” that are ready for operation in case of hard drive failure.  These are pre-programmed drives just ready to go in case the primary fails.  This eliminates down time caused by storage drive failure.  Other systems typically require getting return authorization and the need to be shipped somewhere for repair or replacement should hard drives fail.    

*True network IP based HD systems like TunnelMax-HD™ allow for increased remote servicing capabilities.  For example, Acquire Video can actually “web” into any camera from anywhere in the world and edit settings for our clients…such as “exposure”, “day/night modes”, back-light compensation, etc.  We can even update firmware for our cameras remotely, manage the camera network, etc.  Non IP based technology does not allow for this, dramatically limiting service and potential updates.

*TunnelMax’s HD Technology Allows Operators To Clearly See Most Pre-Existing Scratches, Door Dings, Cracked Windshields, Faded Paint, Wheel Damage, Mirror Damage, Broken or Damaged Antennas, etc…BEFORE and AFTER Vehicles Enter and Exit the Tunnel.

*Because the HD Clarity of TunnelMax-HD™ Confirms or Refutes Most All Customer Damage Claims, it Literally Pays for Itself.   Each TunnelMax-HD™ System is Customized and Installed To Meet Your Specific Needs.

*All HD Video Archives Are Stored On the High Capacity Storage Drives of Tunnel-Max’s Network Digital Video Server, Providing Up To 3+ Weeks of Recording Time…all in full Hyper-HD™ resolutions.

*TunnelMax’s Network Server Can Be Upgraded to Accommodate More Cameras On Demand…Up To a Total of 64 Camera Inputs.  This Eliminates the Need to Purchase Multiple NVRs to Simply Add More Cameras.

* Watch Live or Recorded Video Clips on Large LED  Monitors (1080P or UHD 4k) With No Picture Degradation!  Save Video Clips or HD Screenshots Directly on the Server or on a USB Thumb Drive.

*HD Cameras Can Also Be Installed and Integrated For Offices, Pay Stations, Equipment Rooms, Customer Waiting Areas, Vacuum and Detail Areas, Kiosks, Lube Centers, Retail, Vending, Etc.  Our Optional Audio Recording Is Also Available with TunnelMax-HD™.

*Operators Can Use the “Digital Zoom” Tool to View Areas of Interest Either LIVE or in Playback Mode.  Compared to Traditional Systems, The HD Quality Captures Unprecedented Detail of Faces, Text, Clothing Detail, etc

*Clearly Records All License Plates of Every Customer That Enters Tunnel While Capturing Over 80 Times the Coverage Area of a standard license plate camera.  

*Not only does TunnelMax-HD™ visually capture and record license plates, but our brand new LPR (License Plate Recgonition) add-on module also logs every one of these customer license plate numbers into a searchable database within our NVR software.  This allows operators to look up customer video by simply entering their license plate into the search field.

*View Your Cameras in Hyper-HD™ From Anywhere In The World on a PC/Mac…Or On Select Smart Phone/PDA’s Via The Internet!!!  Listen to Live or Recorded Streaming Audio With TunnelMax’s Optional “Audio Kit.”

*Provides Valuable Management Tool For Car Wash Operator.  Archives all On-Site Customer and Employee Activity.  Helps Protect Against Potential Lawsuits or Fraudulent Workman’s Comp Claims.

*Most car wash owners/investors make significant monetary investments in their car wash and/or conversion projects.    It's just smart business sense to not attempt to protect this high-dollar investment with unreliable, low-end budget camera systems found locally, online, and at big box retailers.   

*Each System is Professionally Custom Installed, Completely Integrated, and Comes Standard With a One-Year Parts and Labor Warranty on All Components From Date of Install.  Our Installation Teams are Experts at Integrating HD Video Surveillance Specifically for Express Exterior, Flex Serve, and Full Service Car Washes. 


WHY Tunnel-MAX HD™ Over An “Arch” Type System?

* TunnelMax’s High-Definition Capabilities Provide Much Larger Swaths of Video Coverage While Delivering Significantly Clearer Images Than Analog Cameras Mounted to an Expensive Arch. 

*Because TunnelMax’s HD Cameras Are So Clear; They Can Be Positioned Much Further Away From the Vehicle Than Any Camera Mounted to an Arch, Reducing the Effects of Water Over Spray that  Can Collect and Eventually Damage Cameras, Coverings and Housings.  

* TunnelMax-HD™ Covers BOTH the Tunnel's Entry AND the Exit.  You Would Need TWO Separate Arches and TWELVE Standard Cameras Just to Attempt to Try and Cover The Same Areas.

*Superior High-Definition Technology Requires Much Fewer Cameras Dedicated to the Vehicle, Freeing Up More Available Camera Inputs on Your Network Video Recorder For Other Areas of Wash.

*Eliminates The Risk of A Vehicle Accidentally Hitting Cameras (or Arches) While Going Through Tunnel.

*Leaves More Room In Tunnel for Your Car Washing Equipment.



                                                                                 SAMPLE CONFIGURATIONS


Hi-Definition (HDTV) Cameras & Lenses Can Capture HD Images of Front, Top, Back, Passenger and Driver Side of the Vehicle Before Entering the Car Wash...With Optional Passenger and Driver Side Views At The Exit.  System easily captures license plates of every vehicle without having a dedicated "plate capture" camera.  Depending on the Camera Package Chosen, HD Cameras Can Also Be Installed on Point of Sale, Automated Pay Stations, Tunnel Interior, Vacuums Areas, Mechanical Rooms, Tunnel Control Boxes, Vending Machines, Offices, Kiosks, Safe Rooms, etc.




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